Barcelona Pass

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How much you can save with Barcelona Pass?

There’s several benefits included to every Barcelona Pass. This table shows you a comparison of how much you can save if you buy Barcelona Pass vs if you buy everything separately.

Adult price
 Sagrada Familia (towers excluded)€26
Park Güell€10
Touristic hop on hop off bus for 2 days€36
Barcelona Audio guide for your smartphone
Park Güell Audio guide for your smartphone
Without Barcelona Pass€72
With Barcelona Pass€95,50

Is Barcelona Pass worth it?

From our expert’s point of view no.

Why? The total price that you’d paid if you purchase the tickets separately will be lower!

To be fair, you’ll get two more benefits if you get Barcelona Pass:

  • You can save time while buying the tickets: you buy one versus three. So in the end you can save like 10-15 minutes. We can say getting Barcelona Pass is more convenient.
  • You’ll get audioguides. One for Barcelona city as a whole (which is included in Bus Turistic ticket for free) and the second for Park Güell. Again, there’s an official app with audioguide so not sure what the value will be…

It’s up to you to make the math if these two things are worth more than €20.

How will I receive my Barcelona Pass?

Barcelona Pass is a digital travel card. You’ll get an email with electronic card that you can use anytime you want to use some of the benefits that come with this card.