I can’t buy Sagrada Familia tickets online – there’s an error!

Q: Hello, I’d like to buy tickets for Sagrada Familia in advance to avoid queues and get there on the time I want.

But I have a problem with booking the tickets for my visit through the official Sagrada Familia website.

I can select the ticket, number of people, date, time and I add all my details. But when I click the continue to go to the payment, there’s some error preventing me to go to the next step and pay for the tickets.

I tried it several times but I always get stuck there with this strange error.

What should I do to buy tickets for Sagrada Familia online?

A: You are not the first one mentioning this issue! I talked to several people who had the same issue in the past and I always recommend them to try following to resolve this issue while buying Sagrada Familia tickets:

  1. Carefully check all the details in your booking information – aren’t there any errors?
  2. Try to book with different email address: sometimes the booking site has issues with local email providers → try using email address @gmail.com or @hotmail.com or any other global service.
  3. Change your internet connection. If you are using a WiFi connection try with a different WiFi or mobile data.
  4. Try to book tickets another time.
  5. Try some other browser. E.g.: Use Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari.
  6. Book tickets from other device: go from laptop / computer to your phone (or someone else’s phone).
  7. Try to clean cookies and history in your browser.
  8. Download mobile app and try to book tickets there: iOS, Android

If nothing from above helps, visit Sagrada Familia in person a few days prior to your visit and purchase the tickets at the box office on site.