Are there Lime scooters in Barcelona?

Electric scooters are very convenient to use in a crowded city like Barcelona, as they are small and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver in busy urban areas.

They are also typically much cheaper to operate than cars, as they require less electricity to charge and do not have the added costs of fuel, insurance, and parking.

If you are coming to Barcelona and thinking about electric scooter rental, one of the well-know global companies in this space is Lime.

Does Barcelona have Lime scooters?

Unfortunately, Lime electric scooters are not available for hire in Barcelona, Spain. This city is not on the official list where this rental company operates.

But you can check out some other options available in the city – there’s a few companies that operate in the same way as Lime: you download a mobile app and locate available scooters in the city, select one of them, unlock it with your mobile app and then you can ride!

Alternatives to Lime in Barcelona

Don’t be sad there’s no Lime in Barcelona – there’s a few really good electric scooter rentals in the city:

About Lime

Lime is a rental scooter company that allows riders to use their smartphones to locate and unlock the scooters while automatically paying the fare. Lime also rents out bicycles and is partnered with Segway to design its next-generation scooter. The Lime app allows riders to see where the closest scooter or bike is, reserve it, unlock it, and pay for it.