All you need to know about T-mobilitat as a tourist visiting Barcelona

The new digital ticketing system for public transportation in the Barcelona region, known as T-mobilitat, offers contactless transit as well as enhancements to use, service, and information. It symbolizes a technological advance toward a public transportation system that is smarter and more integrated.

You can travel with a mobile phone running the Android operating system or a rechargeable smartcard. Additionally, iOS mobile devices can be used to make purchases and buy tickets right away.

Can you use T-mobilitat as a tourist?
Yes, you can. T-mobilitat is not limited only to Spanish citizens but anyone can use it.

What do you need to sign up for T-mobilitat card?
In order to use the T-mobilitat, first of all, you must register in the system. You can only register with a Spanish DNI, NIE or original passport.

Where can you create your account?
Do it online through the web: or through the TMB App and also in person by making an appointment at the T-mobilitat kiosks. If you register online, you must wait to receive confirmation by email of the verification of your data and, once you receive it, you will be able to purchase the support.