Public holidays in Barcelona in 2023

What holidays are there in Barcelona in 2023? In this article you’ll find the complete list of all state (S), regional (R) and local holidays (L) in Barcelona, Spain.


  • 6 January – Epiphany / Three Kings’ Day (S)


There are no public or bank holidays in February 2023 in Barcelona.


There are no public or bank holidays in March 2023 in Barcelona.

April 2023

  • 7 April – Good Friday (S)
  • 10 April – Easter Monday (R)

May 2023

  • 1 May – Labour Day (S)

June 2023

  • 5 June (L)
  • 24 June – Sant Joan / Midsummer solstice (R)

July 2023

There are no public or bank holidays in July 2023 in Barcelona.

August 2023

  • 15 August – Assumption of Mary (S)

September 2023

  • 11 September – Catalan National Day (R)
  • 25 September (L)

October 2023

  • 12 October – Spanish National Holiday (S)

November 2023

  • 1 November – All Saints’ Day (S)

December 2023

  • 6 December – National Day of Spain (S)
  • 8 December – Feast of the Immaculate Conception (S)
  • 25 December – Christmas (S)
  • 26 December Boxing Day (R)

Frequently asked questions about holidays in Barcelona

Are shops open during holidays in Barcelona?

No, the most of the shops are closed during holidays in the city.

What is closed in Barcelona during bank holidays?

All the banks and stores are close during public holidays.

Can you visit sights and attractions during public holidays in Barcelona?

Yes! although all the banks and shops are closed, you still can visit some of the great attractions Barcelonas offers. But always check the website first if it’s really open.

Are restaurants open during public holidays in Barcelona?

Yes, the most of the restaurants is usually open during holidays in Barcelona

How many bank holidays does Barcelona have?

There’s 12 bank holidays each year in Barcelona – 8 days are reserved for national, country-wide holidays set by the Spanish government, 2 regional and 2 local holidays. he country. 2 regional holidays set by the local governments.