Barcelona metro with kids

Barcelona has a lot of public transportation options, including metro, buses, and trams. You can make your life easier while getting around by purchasing some of the tickets, travel cards and passes.

But what if you are going to Barcelona with your children? How’s it with the tickets for metro and other public transport? Let’s find the answer in this article.

Do kids need to purchase a separate ticket for Barcelona metro?

It depends on their age! If the kid is young enough, then no. If you have older child, then yes.

Do kids under the age of 4 travel free on the Barcelona Metro?

Yes, that’s correct! If your kid is between 0–3 years old, you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket for them. They travel for free. Everywhere: on metro, buses, trams or trains. Just be sure to bring their ID to prove their age.

What is my kid is older than 4 years old?

If your children are older than 4 years old, they need to have their own ticket.

Unfortunately, for public transport there’s no kids ticket. You have to pay full price for them if using tickets like T-casual, T-usual or T-group.

The opposite is fortunately with all the travel and tourist cards available in Barcelona. The most of the cards and passes have discounted tickets for kids.

What are some good travel cards and passes for kids?

There’s many options out there in Barcelona when travelling with kids. If you decide to purchase any of the travel passes, there’s usually a discounted ‘kids version’ for it:

Is Hola Barcelona Pass available for kids too?

Unfortunately not! Although Hola Barcelona travel pass is very popular among tourists coming to Barcelona, there’s no option for children – if you want to buy them one, you have to pay the full price.