Travelling in Barcelona at night? Lean more about city’s night buses

Because Barcelona’s metro only operates until midnight on weeknights, it’s simple to hunt for the quickest option and get into a taxi.

However, since taxi rates can really add up over time, researching less expensive choices might help you save a lot of money on transportation in the long term.

Local night bus service called NitBus is the solution for you if you find yourself in need of public transportation in Barcelona late at night, when the metro has shut down and ordinary buses have stopped running.

Here is all the information you need to know about Barcelona’s night bus system, NitBus.

What is Barcelona Nightbus / NitBus service?

Barcelona’s night bus service is called NitBus. Depending on the service, different hours apply, but generally speaking these buses operate from 22:00 to 5:00.

Night buses operate throughout the whole night and their frequency is around 20 minutes – if you miss one night bus, you’ll wait 20 minutes at maximum for another one.

The big benefit of night buses in Barcelona is the price: they’re cheap and as they’re part of the integrated public transport system, you can use the same tickets as for the buses operating throughout the day.

With its 17 night bus lines, you can travel through the night both within Barcelona and to some nearby towns and villages.

What ticket or travel pass do you need for night bus?

You can use the same Barcelona travel tickets for public transport as throughout the day with a few exceptions.

✅ What tickets are valid for night buses in Barcelona?

You can really use any single or integrated public transport ticket for onboarding any night bus (nitbus) in Barcelona. These includes:

  • Single ticket
  • T-dia
  • T-casual
  • T-familiar
  • T-usual
  • T-grup

❌ What tickets and travel cards are not valid for night buses in Barcelona?

In general, all tickets, passes and cards made for tourists by private companies that are not are not part of city’s integrated public transport system are not valid for buses operating at night in Barcelona.

These tickets ARE NOT valid for night buses in Barcelona:

Why are not some of the cards and passes valid on Barcelona’s night buses while others not?

The night bus lines are managed by AMB (Area Metropolitana de Barcelona), as opposed to the daytime buses, which are run by TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona). With the exception of the Barcelona Card and Hola Barcelona Travel Card, the majority of other tickets remain valid on the night bus.

Where to buy a ticket for night bus in Barcelona?

You can buy the tickets for night buses (nitbus) on a standard places in the city or in the bus:

  • in the bus itself
  • newsagent kiosks and tobacco shops (‘Estancos’)
  • in all metro, tram, train and inter-urban stations
  • at ServiCaixa points
  • at lottery vending points

How do you buy a ticket directly on the bus?

  1. You need to use the front door to enter the bus.
  2. Say hi to the driver and make eye contact
  3. Locate a card reader in front of the cab – it’s usually on the pole behind the drive’s seat
  4. Now take out your credit card and put it on top of the reader to start the process – you can purchase and validate a single bus ticket this way.

How much is a ticket for Barcelona night bus (NitBus)?

If you decide to buy your ticket directly on the bus, the price is €2,4.

How to get from Barcelona airport to city center at night by bus?

If you arrive to Barcelona airport really late, like after 22:00, you can catch one of the night buses (nitbus) that are part of the public transport system.

You can easily and affordably get to the airport from the heart of Barcelona at night when the trains have stopped running by taking one of the N17, N18, or N16 night buses:

  • N18 NitBus (night bus) goes to Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 from Plaça de Catalunya
  • N16 NitBus (night bus) goes to Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 from Plaça de Catalunya
    • Operating hours: 23:33 – 5:13
  • N17 NitBus (night bus) goes to Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 from Plaça de Catalunya
    • Operating hours for N17: 21:55 – 04:45

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes from the airport to the city center, to Plaça de Catalunya.

Where is the bus stop for night bus when you travel to the Barcelona’s airport at night?

If you need to get to the airport from Barcelona’s city center at night, near the Plaça de Catalunya, there are numerous bus stops. You must proceed to the bus stop where Ronda Universitat and Plaça de Catalunya converge. The most probably you’ll find a queue of people there and you’ll not miss it.

Can you take your luggage onboard?

Yes, but be aware the N17, N18, and N16 night buses offer the same amount of room for your luggage as other city center buses. Neither an overhead bin nor a luggage compartment exist. If you are traveling with more than just hand luggage, this could be a problem, especially during the busy times.

Do you need special ticket for night bus when travelling with luggage?

No, no extra ticket is required if you have a big bag or suitcase. Just the standard public transport ticket is totally fine (see tickets overview above).

Can people with disabilities access night buses in Barcelona?

Yes. Wheelchair and scooter users have complete access to the airport’s night buses – the bus has a ramp for access, and there is designated room inside for wheelchairs and scooters.

Are strollers allowed in Barcelona’s night buses?

Yes, they are. There’s also an extra space where you can put your stroller or pram on the bus. No extra ticket for travelling with stroller is needed.

List of nearby towns and cities where night buses operate

You can always get from Barcelona city center to one of the surrounding towns and cities by night bus. See the list below:

  • L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • Castelldefels
  • Badalona
  • Montcada I Reixac
  • El Prat de Llobregat
  • Tiana
  • Sant Feliu de Llobregat
  • Santa Coloma de Gramanet
  • Sant Boi de Llobregat
  • Sant Joan d’Espi

List of all lines for night buses in Barcelona

LineFrom – To
Line map
N0Portal de la Pau – Portal de la Pausee line route
N1Zona Franca – Pl. Catalunya – Trinitat Novasee line route
N2L’Hospitalet de Ll. – Barcelona – Badalonasee line route
N3Collblanc – Pl. Catalunya – Montcada i Reixacsee line route
N4Via Favència – Pl. Catalunya – Carmelsee line route
N5Pl. Catalunya – Carmelsee line route
N6Barcelona (Roquetes – Pl. Catalunya) – Santa Colomasee line route
N7Pedralbes – Pl. Catalunya – Fòrumsee line route
N8Barcelona (Can Caralleu – Pl. Catalunya) – Santa Colomasee line route
N9Barcelona (Portal de la Pau – Pl. Catalunya) – Tianasee line route
N11Barcelona – Badalonasee line route
N12Barcelona – Sant Feliu de Llobregatsee line route
N13Barcelona – Sant Boi de Llobregatsee line route
N14Barcelona – Castelldefelssee line route
N15Barcelona – Sant Joan d’Espísee line route
N16Barcelona – Castelldefelssee line route
N17Barcelona – El Prat de Llobregatsee line route